Katariina Bäckman, CEO

Katariina is no ordinary lady. This energy-packed motorcyclist/proud mother of two is always up for a new challenge. When she's not working she is learning a new language, travelling the world or training for one of the many half marathons. She leads our company with determination and professionalism.


Maria Therman, PR

Taking care of the PR of HoS, Maria is determined to make things work. When this force of nature is not working, she is most likely spending time with her lovely family of six (plus two adorable Basset hounds).


Antonia "Bimbi" Bäckman, Administrative Assistant

Antonia, aka Bimbi, is our energetic and sporty controller and administrative assitant who is (almost) always in a good mood. Studying full-time and working actively on the side, she never has a calm moment.